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"About Frequenztherapie"

Some would say that it was fate and others would say it was destiny!
On a day at a gathering the two long-term Swiss music producers Patrick Adda and Martin Spring met each other by accident while after a short time of hanging out at studio and on bonfires in summer, they decided to launch the project “Frequenztherapie”.
Supported by various music talents, they’re producing fashionable, melodic Electro-Pop / Dance, which is designed for the big stage, but is well familiar to be played in a small club.
Dependent on the event, they are working together with several constellations of musicians and singers, to be able in connecting all generations and stiles of electronic music. Get your feeling of the magic in their music and convince yourself on therapeutic effect of their frequencies.
In 2016 the project „Frequenztherapie“ was founded by Martin Spring and Patrick Adda. During the first year, they launched three singles called „Picture“, „Bonfire“ and „When It Rains“, all together with an official video clip watchable on Youtube.
Their newest release „When It Rains“ crested within two days the 3rd place of the Dance Charts on Beatport, one of the most important online stores for Dj’s. As well it was played in the track rotation of several well-known radio stations.
For this year, various new songs are planned to get released. One of them „Winters Paradise“, is already released since the end of January 2017. Different live concerts are set and taking place in 2017.



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